THIS CLASS HAS PASSED.  Thank You to all who attended!! There were approx 15 attendees, and a lot of questions were asked and answered.  We sampled Avocado salad dressing, unsweetened almond milk, stevia chocolate chips, Mary’s Crackers, almond butter (ONE ingredient), and more.

2017 August 31, 7-9pm

 $25…. NOW FREE!

  • Learn food hacks to avoid hidden sugars.
  • Sample healthy foods you’ve been too afraid to try.
  • Fill out a worksheet to remember all the healthy facts you’ll learn.

Location: Friends & Family Chiropractic
2480 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA 30066
(770) 485-0322

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If you’re like me, you are surrounded by foods at business meetings, kids birthday parties, family outings, and more!

We are a society that centers celebration around foods. You can’t get rid of it or shelter yourself away from it all (although I did try); you have to learn how to change your mindset – and tastebuds – when it comes to health.

  1. I have been on a health journey for the past 3 years (entering year 4 now).
  2. I was fed up with insulin shots and an increasing waistline.
  3. I’ve learned SO much about health and I’d like to share my story with you!

In this class, I will be sharing my ‘AHA!’ moments with you to help you better control your diabetes; help you reset your body to crave healthy foods and push away the unhealthy stuff.


Guest Speakers

Dr. Dan Tew

Dr. Dan Tew


ChiropracticFriends and Family Chiropractic owner, Dr. Dan Tew, will enlighten us on how the endocrine system all works in harmony; it’s not about “fixing” one thing. Dr. Dan has personally been under chiropractic care since the age of 8 and has seen many outstanding changes in his life as a result. As an infant and young child, Dr. Dan experienced severe allergies, asthma, bed-wetting and behavioral problems ~ all of which were completely resolved as a result of specific chiropractic care. With such a profound personal experience Dr. Dan is very eager to share the power of chiropractic care with you and your family!
Ashley Poptodorova

Ashley Poptodorova

Personal Trainer

Fitness & HealthA + A Wellness Nutrition and Personal Training, Ashley Poptodorova will talk to us about the importance of nutrition and muscle strength.

A+A Wellness is a custom program that is built from Alex and Ashley Poptodorov’s dream to help others achieve health and happiness through incorporating lifestyle changes.

Together, A+A has over 20 years combined experience in helping their friends and clients to achieve success through the use of their program. A+A is built out of pure passion and a desire to see others achieve their fullest potential.

A+A Wellness believes that no matter where you are starting, you can change your life by changing your lifestyle. Our team is just what you need to begin making these huge lifestyle changes and we look forward to using our passion, experience and knowledge to help YOU.

Cindy Trow

Cindy Trow

Health Coach

Certified Health Coach: Partners in Health, helping others create lifelong transformations, one healthy habit at a time!

Cindy Trow will help us with self-motivation and accountability for busy lives.

As a Certified Health Coach, Cindy empowers individuals to create victories, both on and off the scale! She coaches individuals anywhere in the U.S. with a simple easy to follow lifestyle management program that includes weight loss. The essential components of the program Cindy coaches incorporate behavioral change through education, community and scientifically proven nutritional plans to sustain one’s optimal health goals overtime. Cindy believes strongly that partners are the power tool to success and that we can accomplish so much more when we do it together!

Jessi D. Cushenberry

Jessi D. Cushenberry

Personal Trainer

Fitness & Health: Best Source For Health, Jessi Cushenberry, product creator of “NoGrainola”, will share her knowledge on how foods affect our brain and body. Jessi is the Director Of Business Development at Primal Paleo Concepts. My passion has always been to help people. I have been able to accomplish that as a personal mission through attaining my degree in Exercise Science. I was also able become a paid (vs volunteer) firefighter and EMT. Out of that same desire and passion, I created a unique healthy snack food company; and through perseverance it is now available in Wholefoods in the Southeast.