What?! It’s just vinegar – what’s the big deal?  Just Google it.  I’ll bet when you type in ‘apple’, Google will prefill ‘cider vinegar’ as a top choice.  It’s all the rage these days.  You can do everything from clean to ingest this stuff, but let’s stick with just the basics.

You need to add this to your grocery staples list.  You will use this for beet salad recipes, lettuce topping (when you get tired of balsamic), soaking your oatmeal… yes I said it “soaking your oatmeal”.  Also recommended to drink 1/2tsp 3x a day – optimally; I drink it once a day when I remember, but it’s also in my salads that I eat daily.  Remember! Salad doesn’t mean just lettuce!!  AND it doesn’t mean anything with mayonnaise!!!!!

It’s pretty strong by itself and some health advocates like the Food Babe drink it daily in the morning.  I tried it and it was just too strong for me. I prefer it in dressings.  Here are some recipes to try out because those creamy, oil-based dressing HAVE GOT TO GO!

Tahini Dressing – by Food Babe

Detox Drink – by Dr. Axe

This of ACV as your medicine for the day; it helps with sinus issues, allergies, constipation and other remedies I have not empirically tested, but swear by it.  Good spices to add to a warm ACV drink are ground ginger (or slice of some root), cayenne pepper, cinnamon.  And remember, since we are pre-diabetic, no honey, syrup or artificial sweeteners, only stevia!