Why Organic Eggs?

Why Organic Eggs?

If there’s one item I always buy organic, it’s eggs.  That yolk is the food that goes to the chick and what goes into the mama, goes into the egg.  I will deviate if I’m baking sometimes, but 99% of the time, it’s organic.  Free range?  Not the same thing.  Marketers try to emphasize how happy their chickens are while frolicking in the fields, but if they’re still being fed genetically modified corn and are given antibiotics, you are only paying more for happy eggs.

The rule of thumb for organic veggies that I follow:  If it has a thick skin like avocados or artichokes, then I DON’T buy organic.  Everything else, organic.

My goal for these healthy diabetes management blog posts is to be short, sweet and to the point on how I was able to erase diabetes drugs from my life.  It might help you too.  We are all different; I know it’s cliche, but it’s true.  My journey was difficult; you only see the end product.  I still struggle with making healthy choices.  I hope these posts help you learn my experiences.

Red Onions are Not Just for Salads!

Red Onions are Not Just for Salads!

Did you know that red onions aren’t just for cold lox (smoked salmon) or on top of salads?

Heat ’em up with some refined, cold pressed coconut oil and a few more veggies – DON’T OVERCOOK – and fill up 75% of your plate. I personally don’t follow the food pyramid; I don’t eat grains anymore and I overstuff myself on veggies before I eat any protein.  There is one exception to this – breakfast.

Breakfast is usually 2 organic eggs, sometimes cooked with liquid egg whites, sometimes spinach, vidalia onions, green onions OR a protein shake (more on shakes later in the year).

Buy a red onion or two at the grocery store and use it 3 times this week in:

  • salads
  • romain lettuce wrap (perhaps w/protein and avocado mayo)
  • stir fry
  • pickled red onions and as a side item (recipe is for cucumbers, but can be used for onions)

Please share your healthy ideas for red onions.


Grape Tomatoes, the New Popcorn

Grape Tomatoes, the New Popcorn

By now you’ve learned that popped corn – especially the oil-laden popped confection served in movie theatres – is NOT good for you.  I admit that I can’t stop my hand from dipping into hubby’s large bucket of buttery goodness he ordered every time at the movie theatre, but in reality, it’s going to stop all of my fat burning capabilities if I keep on carbing up while sitting down.  If you get out and run a marathon after the movie, that would be wonderful.

I’ve read that your body will burn your starchy carb/sugars BEFORE burning fat, so if you’re constantly snacking on 100 calorie snack packs of cookies or pretzels, you’ll never get rid of that fat.  Diabetics need to decrease their fat cell accumulation/growth in order to increase the muscle to fat ratio.  I know – I went from 42% body fat to currently 20.7% body fat.  I will never tell my weight because we are all built differently, but I will brag about my fat loss because THAT is what helped me get off of my medications and stop paying for what I had control over.

Back to tomatoes – I digress.  Grape tomatoes are my go-to-quick-snack when I’m getting the munchies.  I can grab them out of the fridge and satiate my hunger.  Also see my post on Almond Butter – my other go-to-quick-snack.

Grape tomatoes (or ANY tomatoes) are a good additive to veggie stir fry (with coconut oil) that ads a softer texture and a richer flavor to meals.

I use/eat grape tomatoes:

  • in kale salads
  • by themselves soaked in ACV and EVOO
  • in soups (just last 10 minutes)
  • while on my way to a business meeting
  • as part of a veggie tray (with greek plain yogurt + seasonings dip)
  • etc.

Share how you like to eat them and help our community learn how to substitute bad for good.

Eat, Live, Kombucha for Gut Health

Eat, Live, Kombucha for Gut Health

This looks like something out of Young Frankenstein with the “Scobys” in the jar.  These are the good bacteria packs that helps put your gut back into digestion alignment.  I don’t make my own kombuca, I buy it.  When I reach ‘optimal’ health, I will probably do this along with adding a water filter to my home, changing out my makeup to organic/all-natural and not getting mani/pedis anymore, but for now I just buy this yummy concoction.  It’s fermented, but it won’t get you drunk.  I can’t get my husband to drink it yet.

Why do I like it so much?  It helped me decrease my alcohol consumption and increased my fat burning to come down from 42% body fat (Parillo 9 Point Fat Test) to 22% and still losing.  Alcohol will stop the fat production for a day or two so you’re really losing a lot of ground unless you give it up for an extended period.  Period.  Stop consuming alcohol if you want to lose fat pounds.

Another reason to sip on Kombucha is because it’s a fizzy alternative to soda – need I get on my soap box about the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners too?!  I like to drink it on my way to a business meeting to fill my tummy and to aid the digestion process before a luncheon.

I don’t add it to anything, I just sip on it as I would a soda – except in smaller sips and in smaller quantities.  I was up to a six pack of diet cola a day!!!  It was my go-to drink when I was on a diet.  Now I don’t diet and I don’t do diet sodas.  Or diet anything.  I just eat healthy veggies and keep my gut bacteria healthy.

How do you know when you have enough healthy bacteria in your tummy?  You get the runs.  Sorry, but it’s true.  I drink 2-3 a week plus I take a live probiotic nightly and occasionally some kefir (no sugar, plain).  I don’t have any problems; in the beginning my stomach rebelled and I had diarrhea but I kept eating healthy and skipped a day, then went back to it.  It’s just part of my foodstyle management now.

How do you know if you need it:

  • bloating, gassy by end of day
  • not sleeping at night
  • bowel movements every other day (not good)
  • irritability

But remember – this is just one small part of your foodstyle makeover.  Healthy isn’t just taking a pill or adding broccoli to your diet; it’s about making WHOLE life and food changes.

I go to a chiropractor weekly, I take probiotics, a handful of supplements, go to grocery store weekly for fresh veggies, I pre-cook (prep) my foods for a few days and am usually aware of my food intake.  There’s the occasional decadent dessert or the imbibing of wine but the next day I’m always back on track.

FYI – if you do drink wine, have a kale shake next morning to clean out your liver and get the fat burning going again.

Seedy Characters and Crackers

Seedy Characters and Crackers

Seed crackers are good for you.  Seedy characters may not be.

When I started my health journey I was looking for food substitutes for the old staples that I would buy like potato chips and Ritz crackers.  My health coach recommended Mary’s Gone Crackers brand of seedy crackers. Now you don’t eat them like potato chips – handful after handful – mostly because you are satiated sooner and don’t feel the need to ingest truckfuls of these yummy crackers.

If you go to parties where there will be cheese and crackers, just bring a box of these along with you to munch on.  Minimize the cheese (and wine) intake because during this health journey, you will need to decrease your dairy (and alcohol) intake.  BUT with these crackers, since they don’t have sugar in them, you won’t be craving more of the stuff that goes on top of them.

Google some recipes on seed crackers and find one that doesn’t have any honey, sugar or syrups.  The ones I’ve seen use chia and flax soaked in water for a bit which will be your binder.

FYI – Whole Foods gives case discounts on 12 of these at a time.  If you get a coupon (or 12) for Mary’s Crackers, get them!!  They freeze and thaw well.  My husband and daughter like these too *gasp*

For eating suggestions:

  • with thinly sliced cucumber and avocado mayo (just a tiny bit for sticking power) and dill
  • dipped in almond butter
  • dipped in guacamole or just avocado spread
  • with raw cheese (make sure it doesn’t say “pasteurized milk”)

Hope you enjoy them.  Please share your recipes or ideas below.  This is a good beginner health hack.