Yes, fish can really stink up your home – if you don’t like fish.  It’s not stinky to me; it’s yummy!  To save cooking time,  cook more than one helping and prep for the rest of the week!!

Cold salmon, or briefly heated in frying pan, is great on salads. (microwave will make it gummy I think)  You can use all types of seasonings on fish!!  Seasoning I use”

  • Trader Joes, Chili Lime ($1.99)
  • Lemon Lime (with no filler)
  • Fresh squeezed lemon
  • Basil/Garlic (fresh basil from garden is the best!)
  • Rosemary/Garlic

Buy only the wild caught (not farm-raised) cold water fish.

When I’m done cooking the fish, I turn on my essential oils diffuser upstairs so it filters down; plus a few candles here and there.  This way I don’t have to hear my family complain about the smell.

Fish, in a nutshell, is good brain food.  If you’re not eating fish or have an aversion to it, put yourself on Omega-3s.  I buy only from or Nordic Naturals on Amazon.