Drink your water. 8 cups a day. Sheesh! I’m lucky if I drink 4-5 a day, but then again, I sit a lot all day in front of a computer for my day job. When I work out, yeah, I’m up there in glass count, but doesn’t it get boring? I need zing (taste and variety) to get my drink count up there!

I’ve been buying those huge jugs of lemon juice from Costco and making pitchers of lemon juice mostly because I’m lazy.  Ok – so I’m a prepper, I confess.  I make ice tea and lemonade by the pitcher a couple of times a week.  Lemon is SO good for your gut and it aids in hydration.  Here’s an article if you want to read about the benefits of lemons – I don’t need to repeat it.

My suggestion is to pre-fill your water containers so you can just grab one on the go – on the way to work, running errands, etc.  This way you won’t be tempted to snag a soft drink (or “pop” if you’re from the Northeast) or over-sugared coffee drink at a drive through.

I like my lemonade with stevia but lately, I’ve been craving is sans sweetness.  I prefer sour drinks over sweet these days.  Your taste buds DO change over time as you convert your body to a healthy, nutrient dense, vehicle of energy.

You can also add these to water:

  • slices of cucumber, lime, lemon
  • strawberries (organic because it has a thin skin) and lemons
  • lime and mint sprigs

The strawberry will get soggy, so be sure to remove it after a day – freeze them and put them in your morning protein smoothie.

THIS JUST IN:  heard this morning from a co-workerouter: chilled Organic Mint Tea with Lime and liquid stevia = Mohito Tea!!!!!