By now you’ve learned that popped corn – especially the oil-laden popped confection served in movie theatres – is NOT good for you.  I admit that I can’t stop my hand from dipping into hubby’s large bucket of buttery goodness he ordered every time at the movie theatre, but in reality, it’s going to stop all of my fat burning capabilities if I keep on carbing up while sitting down.  If you get out and run a marathon after the movie, that would be wonderful.

I’ve read that your body will burn your starchy carb/sugars BEFORE burning fat, so if you’re constantly snacking on 100 calorie snack packs of cookies or pretzels, you’ll never get rid of that fat.  Diabetics need to decrease their fat cell accumulation/growth in order to increase the muscle to fat ratio.  I know – I went from 42% body fat to currently 20.7% body fat.  I will never tell my weight because we are all built differently, but I will brag about my fat loss because THAT is what helped me get off of my medications and stop paying for what I had control over.

Back to tomatoes – I digress.  Grape tomatoes are my go-to-quick-snack when I’m getting the munchies.  I can grab them out of the fridge and satiate my hunger.  Also see my post on Almond Butter – my other go-to-quick-snack.

Grape tomatoes (or ANY tomatoes) are a good additive to veggie stir fry (with coconut oil) that ads a softer texture and a richer flavor to meals.

I use/eat grape tomatoes:

  • in kale salads
  • by themselves soaked in ACV and EVOO
  • in soups (just last 10 minutes)
  • while on my way to a business meeting
  • as part of a veggie tray (with greek plain yogurt + seasonings dip)
  • etc.

Share how you like to eat them and help our community learn how to substitute bad for good.