Do it now.  Just get rid of all artificial sweeteners; they only fuel your cravings for more sweetness.  How many of you drink a diet soda to quench your thirst only to find that you’re still thirsty or crave something chocolate?  Stay away from “sugar-free” items; they are packed with either fat or fakeness.  Learn to love natural.  Yogurts are big culprits of artificial sweeteners as are cookies and nut butters (that’s for another blog).

I’ve cut out all artificial sweeteners; instead I use a natural sweetener; stevia (steev’-ee-ya).  I use it in cookie recipes, smoothies and coffee.  And yes it has a flavor difference, but we all got use to the other stuff, didn’t we?!  I can’t live without it now.

Years ago I cut out diet sodas when pregnant and then just due to the fact that my pants would “tighten up” after a few, I just gave it up in ’98.  Then I needed that extra “kick” in the afternoon so I took up coffee and fell into the artificial flavored creamers – rarely do they actually contain milk cream.  There are so many flavors and choices – who cares what they’re made of!  Wrong!  Wrong! Wrong!.  What have I taught you over the past few months on Facebook?!  READ LABELS!!  If you have no clue what it is, don’t put it in your body!!

If you need sweetness, switch to liquid stevia – it’s an extract so you don’t need much.  My daughter saw how much I used it so she thought she’d drop it on her tongue for a sugar hit; yuck!  She didn’t do that again!

Truvia is ok as well, but it is processed, so only use that when you’re out and about town.  I carry liquid stevia in my purse.  Note:  put it in a little baggie – it can get sticky.

I bought the small bottles at first, but then figured out that I could buy a larger bottle (cheaper per oz) and refill the smaller bottles.  Whole Foods delivers within a day – found that out once when I ran out.

Eventually I’ll have the products I’m recommending on this website for easy selections but for now, just stop by Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for liquid stevia.

(Tried buying a stevia plant one year, but it didn’t last.  No green thumb here.)

LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE:  Chocolate Chips for baking (or popping in your mouth) – all of you diabetics on insulin will catch the irony of “Lily” vs “Lilly’s”.

There will be a local seminar coming up soon in the Marietta, GA area.  Stick to Facebook to learn more.

Remember – I’m not on insulin anymore after 18 years of just doing what the Dr told me to do.  Eat “right”.  Measure your glucose.  Take your medication.  Optimal is a goal, but not for everyone.  I still struggle with ‘optimal’ eating especially in social situations, but be strict for 2 weeks at a time and you WILL notice a difference in your blood sugar regulation.

Healthy Homework: Try stevia in your coffee or smoothie #healthyhomework