This looks like something out of Young Frankenstein with the “Scobys” in the jar.  These are the good bacteria packs that helps put your gut back into digestion alignment.  I don’t make my own kombuca, I buy it.  When I reach ‘optimal’ health, I will probably do this along with adding a water filter to my home, changing out my makeup to organic/all-natural and not getting mani/pedis anymore, but for now I just buy this yummy concoction.  It’s fermented, but it won’t get you drunk.  I can’t get my husband to drink it yet.

Why do I like it so much?  It helped me decrease my alcohol consumption and increased my fat burning to come down from 42% body fat (Parillo 9 Point Fat Test) to 22% and still losing.  Alcohol will stop the fat production for a day or two so you’re really losing a lot of ground unless you give it up for an extended period.  Period.  Stop consuming alcohol if you want to lose fat pounds.

Another reason to sip on Kombucha is because it’s a fizzy alternative to soda – need I get on my soap box about the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners too?!  I like to drink it on my way to a business meeting to fill my tummy and to aid the digestion process before a luncheon.

I don’t add it to anything, I just sip on it as I would a soda – except in smaller sips and in smaller quantities.  I was up to a six pack of diet cola a day!!!  It was my go-to drink when I was on a diet.  Now I don’t diet and I don’t do diet sodas.  Or diet anything.  I just eat healthy veggies and keep my gut bacteria healthy.

How do you know when you have enough healthy bacteria in your tummy?  You get the runs.  Sorry, but it’s true.  I drink 2-3 a week plus I take a live probiotic nightly and occasionally some kefir (no sugar, plain).  I don’t have any problems; in the beginning my stomach rebelled and I had diarrhea but I kept eating healthy and skipped a day, then went back to it.  It’s just part of my foodstyle management now.

How do you know if you need it:

  • bloating, gassy by end of day
  • not sleeping at night
  • bowel movements every other day (not good)
  • irritability

But remember – this is just one small part of your foodstyle makeover.  Healthy isn’t just taking a pill or adding broccoli to your diet; it’s about making WHOLE life and food changes.

I go to a chiropractor weekly, I take probiotics, a handful of supplements, go to grocery store weekly for fresh veggies, I pre-cook (prep) my foods for a few days and am usually aware of my food intake.  There’s the occasional decadent dessert or the imbibing of wine but the next day I’m always back on track.

FYI – if you do drink wine, have a kale shake next morning to clean out your liver and get the fat burning going again.