You don’t NEED milk.  You need protein.

What type of cow does almond milk come from?  A nutty one!

Did you laugh?

You know by now that cows are pumped with hormones to increase production for an ever growing world demand.  When you get the chance, just try Almond Milk, Unsweetened, with Vanilla (30cals).  They have it in refrigerated section by the bovine milks.  Coconut Milk has a lighter texture than Almond Milk and is good for smoothies.  I only buy Almond Milk because 1) I’m the only one in the house that drinks it and 2) I like the richness of the texture and flavor.

And NO you do not use this in cereal, because you shouldn’t be eating cereal – at least if you want similar results to what I’ve accomplished (20% fat loss and 20lbs)

I cannot advise you on what your child should have; I’m only telling you about my health journey and what worked for me.


Here are some hints:

  • It doesn’t come in small refrigerated sizes, but you can buy it in tiny cartons (8 pack) in the dry milk/shelf section if you want to give it a try.
  • Don’t try to buy ahead and freeze, it gets chunky.
  • Tried making almond milk from scratch; it was too chunky for me and didn’t save me money.
  • Almond Milk is nut – based; just a reminder, if you have nut allergies, go with coconut – but try tiny portions first.
  • Hemp is another good ‘milk’ to try, but a little more expensive than almond or coconut
  • replace all cream (in coffee) with almond milk – most coffee shops carry this, sometimes they charge .50 extra – they usually won’t have the unsweetened/30cal, but it’s better than bovine juice.
  • Got the munchies?  Mix raw cacao, cacao nibs, chocolate protein powder and almond milk for a frothy shake – add ice for chunks.

The last one really helped me with snacking between meals – I got my protein and I felt filled up not bloated.

Confession:  I would stop by McD’s for a small fries (it’s small, so it’s ok, right?) and a diet Coke thinking that it was just a tiny snack… learn to bring snacks with you.  I set up the dry ingredients in my mixer the night before, add milk and ice, put it in a cooler and eat my meal/snack on the go.

Like Nike says… you know.