“Yuck! It’s too nutty”

said my daughter at age 15 when I started switching over to almond butter, sun butter and cashew butter.

My nutritionist* recommended getting rid of all oils except coconut oil for cooking and baking, and using cold pressed olive oil for salad dressing (never heated).  He said that the nut butters should only have one ingredient, two at most: the nut and sea salt (sometimes).  A year into my new healthier foodstyle program, my daughter told me that she can taste the oils in the other creamy peanut butters.  “Now I see what you mean Mom”.  Score one for Mom!

Here’s how I added nut butters to my diet to help lose fat to allow my muscles to better process my insulin:

  • first I threw away any butters that had oils and corn syrup
  • I started reading ingredients
  • I added it to greek yogurt for natural flavor (I don’t eat yogurts with more than 5g sugar)
  • I added it to smoothies
  • I take a spoonful when I get sweet cravings

Hint:  you can add Stevia Chocolate Chips for a little extra sweetness.

In my personal experience, I find the sunbutter (sunflower seeds) to be more bitter and hard to get used to.  Raw almond butter is more expensive than the creamy brands we grew up with, but that stuff had fillers – and we diabetics don’t need any more filling due to our insulin resistance and tendency to get fluffy around the middle.

My ultimate treat:  Nuttzo Brand Nut Butters – they combine multiple types of nuts AND seeds in their butter.  LOVE the crunch and the flavor!  I stock up when they are on sale.  Whole Foods gives a case discount and you can use coupons with the case discount!  Haven’t found any coupons for Nutzo but occasionally it goes on sale and I buy 2 or 3 at a time.

You’ll NEVER go back to the oily stuff!



*Credit:  A+A Wellness