Why Organic Eggs?

If there's one item I always buy organic, it's eggs.  That yolk is the food that goes to the chick and what goes into the mama, goes into the egg.  I will deviate if I'm baking sometimes, but 99% of the time, it's organic.  Free range?  Not the same thing.  Marketers...
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Red Onions are Not Just for Salads!

Did you know that red onions aren't just for cold lox (smoked salmon) or on top of salads? Heat 'em up with some refined, cold pressed coconut oil and a few more veggies - DON'T OVERCOOK - and fill up 75% of your plate. I personally don't follow the food pyramid; I...
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Grape Tomatoes, the New Popcorn

By now you've learned that popped corn - especially the oil-laden popped confection served in movie theatres - is NOT good for you.  I admit that I can't stop my hand from dipping into hubby's large bucket of buttery goodness he ordered every time at the movie...
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Eat, Live, Kombucha for Gut Health

This looks like something out of Young Frankenstein with the "Scobys" in the jar.  These are the good bacteria packs that helps put your gut back into digestion alignment.  I don't make my own kombuca, I buy it.  When I reach 'optimal' health, I will...
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Seedy Characters and Crackers

Seed crackers are good for you.  Seedy characters may not be. When I started my health journey I was looking for food substitutes for the old staples that I would buy like potato chips and Ritz crackers.  My health coach recommended Mary's Gone Crackers brand of seedy...
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WHAT HealthyDM does

  • provides healthy alternatives to old school diets
  • introduces new foods into old humdrum stand-bys
  • creates accountability until someone can stand on their own nutrition

WHY we do it better

  • provide local tasting sessions
  • provide online training to access it from anywhere (soon)
  • provide free discussions at health professionals’ locations, Whole Foods, anywhere…

For WHOM we do it

  • over 40 women
  • pre-diabetic or type 2
  • those who know that they need a change but don’t know how to start

What we DON’T do

  • provide specific ailment recommendations, this is for you to discuss with your Dr
  • replace a medical professional’s advice, we supplement it
  • promise getting rid of medications

HOW we do it

  • website blog with recipes that follow (see next item)
  • with food recommendations
  • text messages or email messages
  • creating programs for change
  • creating mind games to strengthen your brain (bracelets, mini-goal setting)

Healthy Choices I Used to Control My Diabetes

Let’s Be Adults about Milk

You don't NEED milk.  You need protein. What type of cow does almond milk come from?  A nutty one! Did you laugh? You know by now that cows are pumped with hormones to increase production for an ever growing world demand.  When you get the chance, just try Almond...

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So Kale Me Maybe

I find Kale to be much more versatile than lettuce.  You wouldn't put lettuce in the oven or in a shake, would you?  Lettuce is a water-based filler food, but Kale is like the Superman of foods.  You can eat it hot or cold, baked or shaked.  Our Publix sells big...

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My Story

This website is a journal, per se, of my journey towards healthy living.  You could say I got a late start, but who knew back in the 80’s what was REALLY healthy?!

After my first child, I was put on insulin. It was just a matter of time. It’s in my family. This is my life.

Little did I know that I had control!! I wasn’t type 1 (insulin dependent), I was type 2 (insulin resistant) and it can be controlled with diet!!

Why didn’t my endocrinologist tell me this!? Why didn’t we discuss health?! Why didn’t we talk about nutrition?!

These are my stories to help you learn how to eat healthier. It worked for me. I don’t know if it will work for you – it’s up to you to try though, isn’t it?

Ultimately, your health is in your hands.