Quinoa is my savior.  She saved me from helping upon helping of pasta and rice.  She’s easy to prep for a whole week, can be eaten cold or hot, mixed or plain, and isn’t a grain that I was trying to avoid as I decreased my dependence upon insulin shots.

I still prick my finger now and then when I’m feeling a bit “off” just to be sure that I’m still on track.  I still meet with my endocrinologist yearly, not quarterly anymore.  Always ask your Doctor a lot of questions!!!  How can I decrease my insulin dose?  What foods are known to help with digestion and insulin resistance.

Back to Quinoa (keen’-wah)… You can make it in a rice cooker (as irony would have it) or stove top.  I would make a batch on Sunday or Monday and then take it out as needed.  Here are some recipe suggestions:

  1. cold quinoa on salad, at least 1/4 cup*
  2. heat it up in a frying pan with a little coconut oil, fresh kale (next blog post), diced yellow squash and red pepper
  3. heat it up with some grass-fed ground beef and place in lettuce leaf
  4. cold quinoa mixed with green, red, yellow peppers, garbanzo beans, olive oil, red wine vinegar as a side salad

Examples of spices to mix in:  turmeric, curry, oregano, sage, Italian seasoning (make your own), cumin

*note: get rid of salad dressings, all you need is pure olive oil and red wine vinegar plus some spices