Did you know that red onions aren’t just for cold lox (smoked salmon) or on top of salads?

Heat ’em up with some refined, cold pressed coconut oil and a few more veggies – DON’T OVERCOOK – and fill up 75% of your plate. I personally don’t follow the food pyramid; I don’t eat grains anymore and I overstuff myself on veggies before I eat any protein.  There is one exception to this – breakfast.

Breakfast is usually 2 organic eggs, sometimes cooked with liquid egg whites, sometimes spinach, vidalia onions, green onions OR a protein shake (more on shakes later in the year).

Buy a red onion or two at the grocery store and use it 3 times this week in:

  • salads
  • romain lettuce wrap (perhaps w/protein and avocado mayo)
  • stir fry
  • pickled red onions and as a side item (recipe is for cucumbers, but can be used for onions)

Please share your healthy ideas for red onions.