Seed crackers are good for you.  Seedy characters may not be.

When I started my health journey I was looking for food substitutes for the old staples that I would buy like potato chips and Ritz crackers.  My health coach recommended Mary’s Gone Crackers brand of seedy crackers. Now you don’t eat them like potato chips – handful after handful – mostly because you are satiated sooner and don’t feel the need to ingest truckfuls of these yummy crackers.

If you go to parties where there will be cheese and crackers, just bring a box of these along with you to munch on.  Minimize the cheese (and wine) intake because during this health journey, you will need to decrease your dairy (and alcohol) intake.  BUT with these crackers, since they don’t have sugar in them, you won’t be craving more of the stuff that goes on top of them.

Google some recipes on seed crackers and find one that doesn’t have any honey, sugar or syrups.  The ones I’ve seen use chia and flax soaked in water for a bit which will be your binder.

FYI – Whole Foods gives case discounts on 12 of these at a time.  If you get a coupon (or 12) for Mary’s Crackers, get them!!  They freeze and thaw well.  My husband and daughter like these too *gasp*

For eating suggestions:

  • with thinly sliced cucumber and avocado mayo (just a tiny bit for sticking power) and dill
  • dipped in almond butter
  • dipped in guacamole or just avocado spread
  • with raw cheese (make sure it doesn’t say “pasteurized milk”)

Hope you enjoy them.  Please share your recipes or ideas below.  This is a good beginner health hack.