I find Kale to be much more versatile than lettuce.  You wouldn’t put lettuce in the oven or in a shake, would you?  Lettuce is a water-based filler food, but Kale is like the Superman of foods.  You can eat it hot or cold, baked or shaked.  Our Publix sells big fluffy bags for $3-5.  It’s way too much for me to finish before it goes bad, so I chop it up (removing the thick stalky part) and put a bunch in the freezer for shakes and a bunch in the fridge to be able to grab a handful for recipes and salads.

You can make:

  • Kale Chips
  • Kale Soup
  • Kale Salad
  • Kale n Quinoa
  • Kale Shake

As I was (and still am) on my new foodstyle habit changing journey, I found kale to be fulfilling.  Personally wouldn’t eat it without adding it to something or adding something to it (olive oil/ACV, himalayan salt, lime chili seasoning, soup veggies).

One warning I have for you is about purchased soups with Kale – just because it has veggies and kale in it, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.  Canned soups or store bought soups (hot bar) add oils and fillers you don’t want.  Anything fresher is better for you.

Feel free to share your recipes below.  Remember, I’m just sharing my small changes for healthy diabetes management.

Let me know if you’d be interested in watching me cook on Facebook live or on YouTube.  I’m trying to get over my shyness on video, but I love to cook and I love to share.  Locally, in Marietta, I will be holding a health class with nutritional give-aways to help others succeed in making healthy substitutes.  This is not a recipe site, rather a journey into trying new veggies and adding healthy alternatives to your grocery list.