When you are starting your health journey and are told you must get rid of bread, rice, pasta and crackers (basically all white flour products)…. your first reaction?  YEAH RIGHT!

There are substitutes!  Sprouts and sprouted grains are a way to feel filled up and not crave more.  Ever notice how you can’t just have one slice of toast or just 1/2C of the recommended serving of pasta? Eventually you will get rid of the grains, but not at this beginner step in the health journey.

To get rid of my dependence on insulin, I started slowly.  Here’s the progression:

  1. No toast or bread with any meals (if you go out to eat, tell them to keep the bread basket – or chips)
  2. Replace pasta and rice with quinoa – there are different types, experiment with different veggies mixed in
  3. Buy sprouted grains bread (read the ingredients for no extra sugars or fats) and keep in freezer for when you crave a slice
  4. Black Bean Pasta instead of white pasta (and there’s not such thing as pure whole wheat pasta, they mix in the white flour
  5. Instead of croutons, buy different sprouts for some crunch

The Beginner Bread I mentioned in the title (cue the angels’ singing):  Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grains.

It doesn’t last as long as the well-preserved square breads, so I put mine in the fridge.  On my diet, I was allowed grass fed butter – cold, not heated up, so voila!  I got my bread and butter fix and didn’t crave more than one slice.

Here are some products I tried. Note: the red quinoa has a “bolder” taste. Buy smaller quantities if you’re just trying it out.